DJ Line up

Let us introduce the DJ team that will for sure not let you seat a tanda 😀


Maratangon - Lineup

DJ Punto y Branca (Argentina)

More than 5000 nights of tango
DJing in 41 countries in the world (tango events, marathons, festival)
Winner of “Internacional premios tango” as the best international tango DJ in 2018 (Oscar’s tango)

Tango-DJ “Punto y Branca” (Jorge Vacca) is one of the most popular and beloved tango DJs in the world. He started his career at the best milongas in Buenos Aires and have been playing tango music for more than ten years. Now he lives in Milan and DJs on regular milongas round whole Italy, as well as festivals and marathons all over the world. He has an amazing ability to feel the mood of the people on the dance floor and spice up the atmosphere to extremely high level.

DJ Vladislav “Bastoon” Petrov (Bulgaria)

Bastoon Vladi is a part of the new generation in Bulgarian tango, regular DJ at milongas in Sofia, and guest DJ at several international tango events such as: Black Sea Tango Marathon, Bucharest Tango Revelation, Varna Tango Marathon, Maratangon, Sultans of Istanbul, Planet Tango Moscow, Sofia Tango Festival. His playing repertoire ranges mostly from Guardia Vieja to Golden age music, with occasional alternative spice, striving to create energetic, playful mood and smooth flow on the dance floor.

DJ Janja Frank (Slovenia)

Dancing from last millenium, and first DJing 2004 in Ljubljana. From 2005 organizing Ljubljana Tango Festival as well as lots of events, milongas, parties, workshops for the whole slovenian tango community.
Her wish and “plan” is to please the dancers. To create a lovely atmosphere with a feeling of sweet connectedness among humans. To inspire dancers for another comfortable and pleasant tanda. To feel alive, satisfied with their here & now, to get lasting impressions of “la vita e bella”. An easy-going joy in the air… A glimpse of personal overexcitement, self-entertainment: She needs to always to put on some of her beloved Di Sarli, Biagi and O.T. Misteriosa.

DJ Jelena Vukelic (Serbia)

When playing music she is trying to follow the advice of a dear tango friend  “Imagine yourself on the dancefloor and play the music like you are there dancing”.

This helps very much to maintain a good balance of energetic and rhythmic on the one side, but also sentimental and melodic… all that with the right touch of spice…  Like a good spicy margarita!