DJ Line up


Bastoon Vladi is a part of the new generation in Bulgarian tango, regular DJ at milongas in Sofia, and guest DJ at several international tango events such as: Black Sea Tango Marathon, Bucharest Tango Revelation, Varna Tango Marathon, Maratangon, Sultans of Istanbul, Planet Tango Moscow. His playing repertoire ranges mostly from Guardia Vieja to Golden age music, with occasional alternative spice, striving to create energetic, playful mood and smooth flow on the dance floor.


“Ramo & Go-Go” is a tango dj duo based in Istanbul. They began performing together in 2010. In last nine years, they have performed around 350 times together.
You can hear recordings from every period of tango music when they’re dj-ing. They always try to capture the mood of the crowd and create an atmosphere that will elevate the energy as a whole in a unique way.
“Our aim is to make the dancers feel themselves like stars.”


Calliope Peratinou started her tango journey in 2005. Since 2009 she has lived, danced, taught and Dj for tango in Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Timisoara, Kolasin, Sarajevo and (now) Athens (MyTango studio). Defines herself as a social dancer first of all and when Djing she likes to make a difference by not trying to make a difference. Expect traditional, classic, non alternative tandas balanced through rhythm and emotion for a full tango experience.