DJ Line up


DJ Giuseppe Clemente for the first time in Skopje!
Giuseppe loves all Tango music, from the beginning to the present; as DJ, he prefers the “Golden years” of Tango but carefully follows the atmosphere and the situation of the dance floor and, if the atmosphere of the Milonga so requires, does not mind
some excursions into Guardia Vieja…. so, no rules!!
In the recent years he was a regular DJ at nearly all of the Milongas in Rome…
Giuseppe was invited to DJ at the following Special Evenings Marathons, Encuentros and Festivals in more than 60 Cities:
Buenos Aires (Confiteria Ideal, Salon Canning – Porteño y Bailarin, Practica 10, La Baldosa, Zona Tango, Unitango Independencia)
Amsterdam, Antalya, Athens, Barcellona, Batumi, Belgrade, Beirut, Bergen, Beskid, Brasov, Cappadocia, Chelyabinsk, Cracow, Creta, Cyprus, Dubai, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Eskisheir, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Izmir, Kiev, Kyrenia, Lillehammer, Lodz, Minsk, Marseille, Moscow, Nantes, Nicosia, Odessa, Oslo, Paris, Petra, Plovdiv, Pumakkale, Prague, Riga, San Petersburg, Sofia, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Ustròn, Varna, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Xanthi, Zagreb, and Italy: Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Catania, Cosenza, Fermo, Foggia, Latina, Lecce, Naples, Ostuni, Paestum, Padova, Rimini, Rome, Sorrento, Teramo, Vicenza and more.


Ana Mlačak ExBabić (Serbia) started dancing tango in 2001 and since then tango has been an essential part of her life. After hours, days, months and years of learning tango, and then numerous performances, teaching at seminars and classes, and also organizing tango events, in 2008 she began to play tango at one of the most famous milongas at Havana in Belgrade. It turned out that her choice of music is inspiring for the other dancers too. From then on, she has been playing tango music at many milongas, tango festivals and other events. She is also the founder of Time To Tango, and most of all she is someone who just loves tango.


“Ramo & Go-Go” is a tango dj duo based in Istanbul. They began performing together in 2010.
You can hear recordings from every period of tango music when they’re dj-ing. They always try to capture the mood of the crowd and create an atmosphere that will elevate the energy as a whole in a unique way.
“Our aim is to make the dancers feel themselves like stars.”


Bastoon Vladi is a part of the new generation in Bulgarian tango, regular DJ at milongas in Sofia, and guest DJ at several international tango events such as: Black Sea Tango Marathon, Bucharest Tango Revelation, Varna Tango Marathon, Maratangon, Sultans of Istanbul, Planet Tango Moscow, Sofia Tango Festival. His playing repertoire ranges mostly from Guardia Vieja to Golden age music, with occasional alternative spice, striving to create an energetic, playful mood and smooth flow on the dance floor.




TDj Yiannis Dafnis met tango at 2010 as a dancer. Since then and along with dance, he searches and studies tango music, tango orchestras and their characteristics and the selection of music in a milonga (TDj-ing). Since 2014, he has been a radio producer, in a weekly tango radio show, named “Tangomagia” at RadioXanthi 93.5, that lasts two hours, every Thursday 20:00 – 22:00! His audience is from all over the world as everybody can listen to the radio show in He counts 369 radio shows and that led him to study deeply the tango music and learn many details for tango orchestras and singers and also stories behind the songs! He has played tango music as TDj at international Tango Festivals in abroad, such as Sofia Tango Party 2023, Naxos Tango Festival(2022), 8th Bulgaria Close Embrace Tango Marathon, 10th Athens Tango Marathon, 4th, 5th & 6th Cyprus Tangomeeting(2017,2018,&2019), 2nd Nomads Tango(2019), Abrazo Milonguero Festival, 3rd Sofia Tango Festival(2018), Tango Dream Varna Marathon(2017) and in Greece Abrazo Milonguero TANGO Festival 2018, also in some of the most famous milongas such as “MILONGA HERMOSA”, “El Cabeceo”, “Cathedral”, “El Abrazo”, “Tangopolis” (Athens) and “Milonga La Serenata” και “META – Milonga” at Thessaloniki. He has been as TDj in many milongas in the northeastern part of Greece at Alexandroupolis, Komotini, Xanthi and Chrysoupoli.
As TDj, he works towards building the mood of the milonga, by traveling the dancers deeper and deeper into the music. As a tango dancer along with his experience of TDj-ing in many different kinds of milongas (day and night, short and long) and also in practicas, he is able to adapt the program in any circumstances. His program focuses on the dancers and his main goal is to keep them energetic and dancing all the milonga long! He plays tango music mainly from golden age tango orchestras and completes his program from other age orchestras and modern orchestras!