Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…

… and as all great stories ours starts as well with a lot of love, passion and dedication. 13 years ago, we were a group of people who just could not stop tangoing, literally, everywhere. Motivated by the wonders of this dance, we wanted to share and spread our great passion. As a result, one day, we officially became Familija Tangovi, which means, Tango Family, expressing that the love for tango has made us as close as a family, and this is where we can do what we love and just be ourselves.

Our current residence is the Tango Home of Familja Tangovi, where we organize regular classes and practicas, during the whole week.
During these eight years we have organized a number of workshops with foreign instructors: Celeste Rey and Sebastian Nieva, a wonderful Argentinian young couple, Maria Florencia Obertelo (Argentina) and Fernando Morani (Italy), Tasos Topas and Nadia Cronidu (Greece), Sonja, Darko and Mirko (Tango Natural, Serbia), Vladislav Petrov and Dobrin Nedev (Sofia, Bulgaria), Natasha Lewinger (Urugay) and Haris Mihail (Greece), Ana Barros and Facundo Arnedo (Argentina), Vanya Rey (Bulgaria), Dusan & Kristina Plavsic (Tango Magia, Serbia), Los Milonguitas Tango Trio, Gustavo Ariel Colmenarejo (Argentina), Los Biskas (Greece), Couche Tango (Argentina) just to name a few.

Our moto is: All for tango, forever!


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