DJ Utku Küley (Turkey)

Utku Küley has started DJ’ing at 2008. He was the first Turk who made a DJ’ing performance at Buenos Aires Milongas. He has developed his style with the inspirations of Marcelo Rojas, Mario Orlando, Horacio Godoy and Aydoğan Arkış. He enjoys creating tandas of Juan D’Arienzo, Ricardo Tanturi, Osvaldo Pugliese and Carlos Di Sarli orchestras and his favorite singers are Alberto Podestá, Jorge Maciel, Enrique Campos and Roberto Rufino. Since 2009, he has performed at Buenos Aires milongas: Salon Canning, La Viruta, Practica X and Villa Malcolm. In Europe, he has been invited to many prestigious tango events as a DJ: İstanbul Tango Festival, Tango Magia, Ankara Tango Festival, White Nights Tango Festival, El Tangon Antalya, Verona Tango Festival, Thessaloniki Tango Marathon, Wuppertal Tango Festival, Sabor del Tango and Practica X İstanbul are some of them. Today, besides participating in European DJ’ing projects he is regularly performing at Milonga Para Bailar organized by Academia Del Tango İstanbul.

Utku Küley  (Istanbul)