T_SHIRT / TOTE BAG pre-order

Dear tango friends, We have a new stunnig design for this year’s T-shirts, and a new item is also available – the all purpose TOTE bag 🥰

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The deadline for pre-orders is 15th of October!

Prices: T-shirt 10eu

Tote bag 5eu

You can use this form to make a pre-order for a T-shirt and/or tote bag with our unique design and shine like a star everywhere you appear ^_^


Designed by our lovely Katja Shtrkova Kochovska

We are happy to announce the dates for 2023!!!

Starry night edition will be held from 27 – 29 october 2023 in Hotel Aleksandar Palace!
Save the dates and be ready for more info soon!


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The photographer



“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” (Aaron Siskind)

T-shirt pre-order

Dear all,
Here is the special T-shirt design for this years edition of Maratangon – Skopje Tango Marathon.

You can choose between a black or a white T-shirt with a variation of colors in the print.
Price – 10eu a T-shirt
Deadline for orders id 11th of October!
You can make a pre-order on this link
(There might be some extra T-shirts at the registration desk,
but not many)

Full pass experience offer

Early bat has ended!

But there is still a discount for a full pass experience as long as there are places left ☺️

Prices are as follows:

Full pass 105eu (all 5 milongas + 3 nights buffet dinner + fresh fruits at daily milongas)

Gala milongas – 35eu each (buffet dinner included on each)

Daily milongas – 15eu each (fresh fruits included)

Dear all,

☯️In order to keep the balance between leaders and followers, we will accept only couples and leaders until further notice

🚺Single ladies – you can still register, but we will put you on a waiting list and as soon as there is a place available we will email you
🔷Please note that you can not register with a partner that has already registered