DJ Andrea Dedó (Italy)

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“You are Energy for the milonga!” this is one of the best congratulations that i received after amilonga set!I like think the DJ rules like this, give always new energy at the dancers, try to propose every timethe right tanda at the right moment and ignite the magic of the milonga!Thanx to an intense background as musician, dancer and tango teacher, and to a continuousstudy, Andrea Dedò always is able to interpret to the best the dancefloor to the delight of our feet!From several years he travel around Europe to playing at the best Festivals and Marathons. Hisstyle it’s absolutely traditional.“Todo el mundo a bailar!”Andrea Dedò Is the artistic director of the International L’Aquila Tango Marathon & Festival,, as well as the creator and director of the Italian Tango magazine“El Tanguero”,From 2009 is the residenti DJ of the “Milonga di Camila” (Italy).